Very rare!

Vintage Dream-Guitar for Players and Collectors


Kai Heumann, professional Guitarrist/Composer  - Latin, Swing, Gypsyswing :

 “This is the by far the best ES-175 I´ve ever played and there are several good Reasons for it.“

1. They do not use this kind of wood anymore!

2. The guitar was build 1960, which means that the wood they used was really aged wood and it got still 60 years older! 

3. It is the lightest ES 175. The one pickup version is the best sounding one and it has still acoustic qualities unless any other version of this guitar

4. It has the real vintage tone, the sound of the records of Joe Pass, Jim Hall, Herb Ellis, Pat Metheny (he took out the bridge pickup out of his!), Joseph Reinhardt, Phillip Catherine, Christian Escoude and many others!

5. The playability of this Gibson ES175 is phenomenal. It comes with the perfect low action for real effortless playing. 

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Price: only 8000,00 €  plus Shipping 

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