1948 Gibson Super 400


1948 Gibson Super 400 Blonde

 non cutaway Beauty 

As an option there comes a detachable magnetic pickup with it


This guitar has got such an incrediblea very, very warm full and smooth archtop jazz guitar sound.

 This is archtop heaven! The Boss Guitar Sound of George Benson, Merle TravisScotty MooreBill HaleyKenny BurrellLouis Stewart, Carol Kaye…

And the best of all is, that it is affordable. 10.000 € is a steal for this guitar. But why is that? The body was repaired, there are a few but repaired cracks in the Top. But let´s face it - it is a guitar from 1948 !  70 Years old…

By the way - it is the only noncutaway I´ve found….

Even the most expensive Stradivaris have cracked bodys and tops. What is important is that it is well repaired set up and is very playable whith the most beautiful jazztone I have ever heard!

The best sounding acoustic jazzguitars are noncutaway because like with a Cello there is no sound “cut away“. The original Pickguard is in the case and can be aplied if you wish.

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Price:  only 10.000 €  plus Shipping and Insurance

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