05.12.2010 Adrian Ramirez

So. 05.12.2010

20:00 Uhr

Compás e.V. präsentiert:

Gitarrenkonzert mit Adrian Ramirez: Klassik und Folklore aus der neuen Welt.

adrian_ramirezBorn in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the search of interpretative virtuosity together with musical deepness he dedicated himself to the study of classic and baroque music with Masters Roberto Lara, Graciela Pomponio, Liliana Ardissone, Miguel Angel Girollet, Victor Villadangos and Máximo Pujol. He also attended numerous courses and specialized seminars with Masters Eduardo Isaac, Alvaro Pierri, Hopkinson Smith, Eduardo Egües and Dolores Costoyas, among others. Already recognized as cultivated music interpreter he decided to make a turn in his career towards the folkloric rythms of his land. He dedicated to the study of these with the same passion and rigor as he did to his classic education, aware of the complexity involved in popular music. After years of committed investigation and studies staying at places where folkloric music is created and sharing experiencies with some of its greatest exponents- he has become an exceptional interpreter, able to combine in his playing the sonorous solidity of classic music with folklore's interpretative spontaneity:

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